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Features & Options

The MetroMedic is loaded with options while still being highly affordable. The composite material used to construct the interior cabinets and floor resists fluid borne pathogens and has a higher insulation value than wood. The countertops are made of Avonite, a durable and seamless product that is easy to clean and resistant to biohazards. The MetroMedic's all aluminum module body has been tested in frontal, corner and side impact tests, proving that it provides a secure environment for patient care and occupant safety. 


  • Ford F350 XLT 4x2/4x4
  • Ford F450 XLT 4x2/4x4
  • Dodge Ram 3500 XLT 4x2/4x4
  • Dodge Ram 4500 XLT 4x2/4x4
  • Dodge Ram 4500 SLT 4x2/4x4
  • Chevy C3500 4x2
  • Chevy K3500 4x4